Holiday Meals with an IBD

Thanksgiving. The holiday where eating as much as you possible can is okay. This also means having to use the bathroom in an environment where there’s lots of family and friends. I actually used to get a lot of social anxiety over this in the past, but as I’ve gotten more confident about my condition this has eased. On this particular holiday, it was time for my Humira shot. I showed my mom how I did my injection because she’s an RN and these sort of things are of interest to her. My brother turned away because he said he can’t stomach seeing it. I used to be that person. I injected in my stomach, on the right side. It hurt and also bruised. No major issues and we wait another two weeks for the next one.

I had my checkup with my gastro, Dr. S., and I’ve been released to go back to work in December. Yes! I am so excited to be back among the living and to also be back into my schedule. Fun fact: I thrive when I’m on a schedule. Dr. S. has now done three fecal transplants and everyone has done great. I had the most inflammation and I am doing really well, so this procedure is extremely promising. I hope I never, ever get C-Diff again, but if I do, I at least know there’s a remedy.

Every single Thanksgiving since 2009, I have been sick. It’s been a mix between a simple head cold to bronchitis and pneumonia.  Because I’ve been on house arrest for 5 weeks and been limited to sick people, I managed NOT to get sick. However, in true mini-me fashion, my daughter has carried on the tradition. She has ended up at baby Urgent Care on Christmas, Easter and today we had to take her to the doctor. She’s got an ear and sinus infection. Her eyes have been puffy and oozy, but she’s on a med now that should help. When I disclosed to the doctor that I’ve had recurrent C-Diff so I want to be careful about putting my child on an antibiotic, we spent the rest of the appointment talking about me. It’s so awesome to hear how interested the medical profession is about the FMT. Anyway, baby is okay. Mommy is okay. Daddy runs the ship, per usual.

The Crohn’s continues to go into remission (knock on wood) and I continue to *try* and be patient. We’ll get there…




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