C-Diff · Crohn's Disease · Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Let’s Talk About Poop

No, really. This entry will be graphic.

It has been one week since my fecal transplant. I do believe that the C-Diff is either completely gone or very close to it. CD causes watery bowels filled with blood and pus, horrible abdominal cramping and basically lack of control. Since the transplant, any movements I have had that aren’t solid, don’t look like that. I also have not had a single accident since the transplant. I do still have abdominal cramping, but not nearly at the same level has before.

But I don’t feel well. I am still having a Crohn’s flare and it’s draining me. It’s been 6 months now and my body is tired. My colon doesn’t have the energy to work at full capacity anymore. I knew the FMT wouldn’t cure that, but it has still made an improvement. If my local chain pharmacy could get it together, I should have my new steroid today. It has been yet another battle to get that in stock since I’m apparently the only person in this city with Crohn’s. (That last sentence was super sarcastic.)

Would I do the transplant again? Absolutely. I didn’t have a choice with the first one. The C-Diff was winning the fight and I didn’t want to be hospitalized. Most people get it while in the hospital, so you can see how that is counterproductive. But I do believe that if I had a transplant more often, my colon would get that healthy flora that all these meds kill. I do take a probiotic, but the transplant was like a super, duper shot of it. Some patients give themselves a poop enema at home on a monthly basis. This, while sort of gross, helps some achieve complete remission. This isn’t FDA approved yet, so curious to see when this will be an option for more. Some patients swear by it and also do not need the medication.

For me, I need time. I also will continue on my Humira which has worked for me as much as it could. Yesterday was my injection and today I have a very mild case of the “Humira hangover”. I don’t have any of the other side effects and I have yet to have a reaction at any of my injection sites.

Thanks again to everyone who reads this and shares this. The blog has literally gone worldwide. We’ve had hits in the Netherlands, Australia and in the UK. YOU are helping our Crohn’s on the map…literally! My heart and my colon are grateful.



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